Thursday, March 6, 2014

Challenge Post: Pagebreak Cliffhanger

...and blog post lengths.
So, we've focused on posts that are short. Now for a post that is unashamedly long, because sometimes you have a lot to say. You probably don't want to overwhelm your reader right off, so what can you do? Let's say that in this particular post, you introduce your topic with an interesting story.

For instance, you could be doing a three page long discourse on Sin. You begin with the story of a little boy camping in the desert with his family. As he leaves his tent one morning, he decides to wear flip-flops instead of shoes on this short walk into the wilderness, telling himself that they're good enough. Suddenly, he feels a sting in the arch of his foot and a burning pain ruses up his leg. In the sand, a scorpion races away triumphantly, leaving the screaming boy behind in the sand.

Page Break!

In a desire to see if the boy survives or how this story relates to Sin, readers will click on 'Read More,' which boosts your numbers and helps them be more involved. The page break also helps your front page look less overwhelming because it will have more stories for them to choose from, even before they start scrolling. This part of your blog, the 'above the fold' part, is important because it's the first thing readers see.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a creative cliffhanger using a page break, in a post that pertains to a gospel principle and fits in with the tone of your blog. Put your posts down there in the comments. The best one wins invisible cookies and 2,000 internet points!

Did the boy survive?

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