What is a Blog?

'Blog' is short for 'Web Log.' Once upon a time, they were online journals that could be set to private or public, where writers could pour out their feelings. These Web Logs grew in popularity because people love to read about strangers and their experiences, especially if they're funny or tragic. 

Nowadays blogs are a little more focused. Normally they're about one person's 'thing.' For instance, a mother with an autistic child could write about a trip they took to the zoo, news about autism that affects her family, and things she's learned about autism. A writer can post updates on their latest novel, reviews of new books, and tips on writing in general. Missionaries' thing is generally The Gospel.

What is this Blog?

This blog is a resource for Missionary Bloggers who know the basics of how to make a blog, but have no idea where to go from there. In blog form. It's focused on full-time missionaries, but there's no reason these same principles can't apply to Member Missionary Bloggers as well.

I've taken to stealing featuring posts from other bloggers so you can get some ideas and inspiration for your own blog. Also, you should visit these blogs and leave a comment or two, just to help them out. If you would like your blog featured, please send me a message on Facebook with a link to your best post. Which one is your best? It's your favorite one, the one that just flowed with almost no effort, the one you're most proud of.

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